Welcome sister!


I’m so happy you’re here and feeling curious or intrigued about the possibility of receiving a Pussy Oracle reading. A huge kudos for you in getting this far!

This is a powerful experience that will connect you more deeply to your unique story and offer you powerful guidance in understanding your divine path as a woman. It will astound you to learn all about the profound wisdom and direction that can be found in the design of your beautiful pussy.

What is a Pussy Oracle reading and why would you want one?

Believe it or not, every woman’s unique pussy design has information encoded into it that tells her story and purpose. Much like palm-ology, pussy-ology offers an in-depth look into the magic and mystery of your sacred portal and can offer you much needed validation, healing, guidance and understanding of who you are and who you are here to be as a sacred vessel.

Some of the many things you can expect from a reading are:

  • To know your pussy like you’ve never known her
  • Get to know how her unique design relates to your life narrative, purpose and gifts
  • Be witnessed in a sacred setting with love, compassion and delight. Heal from past negative perceptions of your sacred flower experience something unique and different in your exploration of pussy connection and exploration
  • Become aligned with your higher truth through the incredible story of your pussy’s unique design
  • Get questions you have about your life and purpose answered directly from your own sacred source

And so much more!

I look forward to empowering you to know your divine path, through the divine design and voice of your sacred portal of life.

Pussy Oracle Reading:
Discover Your Unique Pussyology

2 Hour Session / Reading

Post pussy reading has been a whirlwind. So much opening and growth individually and within my partnership. Feeling a lot of gratitude, and excitement for what’s to come.

Thank you again for taking time to do such a beautiful reading. I really valued your observations and wisdom. The reading felt wonderful. I believe your work within female empowerment is so valuable and needed at this time. I absolutely support you and your work Sierra! Thank you again for your time, and for the reading.

- Aine

My Pussy Oracle session was a good and fun experience. I love that the design of our pussy reveals so much. Made me think of the fingerprint analysis I have had previously. Also very beautiful how our palms reveal our purpose and design.

Listening to the clues you revealed from my pussy and integrating that into my everyday life feels good. It is like you are a pussy-translator.
What I loved the most, was that some of things you mentioned resonated deeply with my core. As in, yes that is certainly true. Recognition.
Thank you!
- Nomi

The Pussy Oracle reading was about owning my yoni and seeing her beauty and full expression of love. The symbols that were in there validated this on every level as it showed me and had me understand more deeply, just how much of a full expression of love I am, in all ways.

The reading also brought the awareness that it was time to reclaim the more feminine aspects of my being.

- Krissy C.

Wow. It was such an honor for you to have done a reading for me. It was truly magical and met all my expectations and more. I didn’t know the pictures of my pussy could reveal so much information but they do and did.

Sierra, you are completely called for this work and I am happy you are doing it for women and opening them to the idea of their own power being so easily accessible. You pointed out very accurately and repeatedly, themes in my life that needed to be addressed and clear information for me to follow. I’m also happy I have the audio recording for me to reference back to the reading whenever I want to. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

- Cara Q.

Before my Pussy Oracle Reading with Sierra, I did not love my pussy. The only relationship I had with her was to relieve my stress. My switch had been turned off. Now, I have new love for myself along with a deeper connection and understanding of my pussy’s beauty and needs. She has been reactivated!
- JoAnne B.

Receiving a Pussy Oracle reading was incredibly validating for me. I had a lot of questions of my pussy and had been feeling disconnected from her for quite some time.

What was revealed in my reading was very specific practices I was encouraged to to take on so that it would be easier for my divine feminine power to lead my life. I had heard similar messages from other readings and guidance I have sought, but knowing that my pussy (literally) had these messages encoded in her design, had me understand the importance of these practices on a whole new level and I am more committed than ever to include them in my daily rituals.

Knowing that the design of my pussy had very direct information and invitations for me was very eye-opening. I am feeling clearer about what I need to do to free myself from places I’ve been stuck, and I am feeling more connected to my flower than ever before. It was an amazing experience and I feel strongly that every woman on her sacred path needs to have one.

- Jody E.

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The Pussy ORacle

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