Portal PriEstess Initiation 2021



welcome SISTER

Are You Curious About Taking Your Magical Pussy Power To The Next Level?

We are being called as modern Priestesses to:

  • To revive the feminine mystery schools for ourselves and for the planet
  • To create a direct connection to Source to feel more radiant and confident  
  • And eradicate Pussy shame once and for all and bring healing to all of humanity

This movement starts with you, right here… right NOW.

Here is the miracle: this access point for true feminine power and the potential to heal humanity and the planet has been right under our belly buttons this entire time! 

The Magic Is In You

The Great Portal of magic, wisdom, healing, and awakening is encoded directly in your Pussy. You can find it in nature, in between your own legs and in all the beautiful pussies around the world. 

The Portal Priestess Initiation is the answer to the Divine Calling we all have been hearing and can no longer deny.  

It is time to gather with the sisterhood to honor Pussy and reawaken the codes of the modern Portal Priestess. 

Secrets of the Yoniverse

First step in this journey (if you’re new here) is to enter into the Temple of the Sacred Portal via the virtual video experience below. 

This special broadcast was created to open you up a new world of possibilities around the majesty and mystery of your Yoni and allow you to see this potent part of your anatomy through new eyes.

She may move your soul immensely, so prepare yourself by grounding, take a few deep breaths into your belly, and squeeze your kegels three times.

Ritual & Initiation

What is a Portal Priestess?

  • She reminds you how to connect to the powerful guidance and wisdom of your Pussy.

  • She celebrates the uniqueness of your body image, intuition and self-expression.

  • She will astound you by showing you all that can be found in the design of your beautiful vulva.

  • She reminds you how to honor your own Pussy without oversexualizing it.

  • She models how you can ask your lovers to worship your Yoni in ways you truly desire.

In our Portal Priestess Initiation experiential program, we are inviting a small group of women on a awe-inspiring journey, providing you a new entry point to your personal power through a very unique Portal Priestess artform: Pussy Oracle Readings!

Magic & Power

What is a Pussy Oracle Reading?

Believe it or not, every woman’s unique Pussy design has information encoded into it that tells her story and purpose.

 Much like palm-ology, Pussy-ology offers an in-depth look into the magic and mystery of your Sacred Portal and can offer you much needed validation, healing, guidance and understanding of who you are and who you are here to be as a sacred vessel.

 Since 2016, our Portal Temple founder Sierra has had the privilege and honor to provide in-depth Pussy readings and activiations to women all over the planet.  

However, it is clear that the potency and purpose of this work needs to move beyond her solo readings and be shared more extensively with other magical women who seek to gain this knowledge and be co-creators in this movement toward a more Pussy empowered planet. 

That’s where you come in!




We are gathering the Priestesses for a six-month journey where we will collectively hold “Pussy Temple” every month.

As a Portal Priestess Initiate, you will get to witness and contribute to live Pussy Oracle Readings to relish in her beauty and learn from her great wisdom… and even have an opportunity for the Temple to read your own vulva!

Every month we will also be given Portal Priestess Practices to do privately for your own self-initiation such as:

  • Pussy yoga and breathwork
  • Body positive conversations
  • Yoni gazing meditations
  • Sensual self-love rituals
  • Erotic pleasure practices
  • Nature inspired connection activities
  • And more! 

But where the real magic happens is when we gather as a remarkable collective of women to share our stories (and our vulvas) in a way that is honoring, non-sexual and inspiring!

The Portal Priestess Initiation is the answer to the Divine Calling we all have been hearing and can no longer deny. 

It is time to gather with the sisterhood to honor Pussy and reawaken the codes of the modern Portal Priestess. 



An invitation to our program

Temple & Journey

After years of being asked to offer this kind of training for women, 2020 brought a new clarity of vision when we launched our first Portal Priestess Temple Arts Program. 

The apprentices were trained as Pussy Oracles, learning how to awaken their own vision, skills, and powers as Portal Priestesses… and we are deeply honored to be holding the Temple doors open for YOU to join us in our next Initiation Program.

This devotional Portal Priestess Initiation will take place over a 6-month virtual container starting in March 2021 and includes:

  • A monthly “Pussy Church” call to witness and participate in community Pussy Oracle readings 
  • An opportunity for YOU to be the “Pussy of Honor” and receive an Oracle reading from the group
  • A second monthly “Portal Priestess Practice Call” with teachings to explore solo practices and rituals
  • Access to BONUS Portal Transmissions with invitations to activate your pussy powers
  • A completely private, secure social media group on MeWe for community dialogue and staying connected between calls
  • A personal “Pussy Posse” of three sisters to hold and support you during this process
  • Discounts for private Pussy Oracle readings and coaching packages from our Portal Priestess team
  • Access to all call recordings and handouts if you cannot make them live (we have 2 calls per month)

TRANSFORm Your life

Be a Portal Priestess

 Our Portal Priestess graduates have shared what they gained from participating in this profound Temple Arts training:

 Get to know your pussy like you’ve never known her.

  • Discover how her unique design relates to your life narrative, purpose and gifts.

  • Be witnessed in a sacred setting with love, compassion and delight.
  • Heal from past negative perceptions and stories of your sacred flower.
  • Experience something unique and different in your exploration of pussy connection.
  • Become aligned with your higher truth through the incredible story of your pussy’s unique design.
  • Get questions you have about your life and purpose answered directly from your own sacred source.
  • Activate your vision and ability to hold space for another woman to receive her own pussy transmission.
  • Open up to your gifts of seeing beyond the “seen” and knowing beyond the “known”.
  • Become an ambassador and go-to leader of pussy power for your community of sisters.

When women wake up to the majesty and messages available from between our legs, we take back control and reigns of one of our most potent and life giving energies and sources of influence.

Let us awaken a sleeping giant that the world deeply needs.

Will you join us?


Who is the Portal Priestess Initiation Program for?

It’s for a special kind of woman who… 

  • Desires to transform yourself through accessing the deep wisdom and codes of your sacred portal.

  • Already has many skills, gifts and a strong knowledge base but wants to add a powerful unique and potent new skill to your repertoire of magical gifts and offerings.

  • Has done a ton of work on yourself yet you feel that something is still missing and have a sense that this missing piece has to do with your relationship to your pussy.

  • Loves to learn from, train with and be supported by powerfully activated sisters and priestesses solidly on their path. 

  • Is committed to using ritual, magic and ceremony to create your life and up-level your lifestyle.

  • Has a curiosity to explore the uncharted waters and mysteries of your sacred portal and learn to decode messages found within her divine design. 

    Registration, Investment & Payment Plans

    So, dear sister, we are excited to offer you this opportunity to step more fully into this sacred container of activation with the Portal Priestess Sisterhood.

    Program Dates:
    March 17th – September 1st, 2021

    Two Calls Per Month:
    On select Wednesdays @ 2:30-4:30pm PST • MORE DETAILED SCHEDULE

    Replays of Every Call:
    If you cannot attend live, replays will be available for all calls, along with support in our online portal and in your Portal Pod support groups.

    Your investment in yourself  furthers the mission of this Temple to initiate 111,111 Portal Priestesses around the world, contributes to our growth and helps cover our basic operational costs.

    We offer discounts for pay in full, or you can choose an easy payment plan. If you would like to be an angel sponsor for someone to join the program and pay it forward, please CONTACT US.

    Portal Priestess Initiate Program Registration

    Program Includes

    → (6) Monthly Pussy Church Calls with live Oracle Readings

    → (6) Monthly Priestess Practice Calls with teachings & rituals

    → 6-month membership in our private online community

    → Bonus Portal Transmission videos with a practice/invitation

    → A Pussy Posse of sisters to hold and support you during this process

    $2,222 / one-time

    Deadline to register is Monday March 15th at noon PT

    Monthly Payment
    Program Includes

    → (6) Monthly Pussy Church Calls with live Oracle Readings

    → (6) Monthly Priestess Practice Calls with teachings & rituals

    → 6-month membership in our private online community

    → Bonus Portal Transmission videos with a practice/invitation

    → A Pussy Posse of sisters to hold and support you during this process 

    $444 / month

    Deadline to register is Monday March 15th at noon PT



    Thank You

    We look forward to empowering you to know your divine path, through the divine design and voice of your sacred portal of life.

    By joining the 2021 Portal Priestess Initiation Program, you will be joining a pioneering group of women who are willing to bring this sacred ministry further into the world.

    This is a powerful experience that will connect you more deeply to your unique story and offer you powerful guidance in understanding your divine path as a woman. It will astound you to learn all about the profound wisdom and direction that can be found in the design of your beautiful Pussy.

    We are eager and excited to begin this journey with you. 

    To Your Divinity,


    What Women Are Saying

    The idea of a pussy reading might initially feel uncomfortable, but what unfolds is a process of gently opening and freeing of personal blockages. Being vulnerable in this way for me, opened the door to being vulnerable in other areas of my life. Doing this in community was more transformational than I expected. It normalized a part of my body, tearing down internalized personal, and communal, shame. Journeying with Sierra and a community of sisters, in a container of time, brought an element of sacredness to my pussy, and to every pussy I’ve witnessed. Don’t sign up for this program because it sounds like a fun, crazy whim; sign up because you want to commit to stepping into a space where you are seen for all your…  innate beauty,  and power, and sacredness.”  – Elizabeth Martin Chan

    “My oracle reading with Sierra was everything I imagined and so much more! It was the most intimate conversation I have ever had with a stranger. To be seen and witnessed on such a tender level was exactly the shift of energy that I yearned for to deepen my relationship to myself as well as to my husband.

    Sierra gave generously of her time and wisdom in a humorous and light hearted way that immediately felt like I was speaking to an old friend. She left me with many tools to continue and deepen my exploration of sexuality and the juiciness of life. Its been 30 days and I can feel the ripples of this reading filtering into my life, shaking up the uneasy parts and bringing them into the light; my newly found connection to my pussy giving me the awareness and the courage to face them. Thank you!” – Irene

    “I had an exquisite fascinating intimate pussy oracle reading with gorgeous Sierra. Her wisdom, humour, depth, openness and playfulness made the reading enjoyable and authentic.

    The richness of all the details and archetypes she could see in there was so insightful, revealing and profound. It is a vulnerable yet such fun experience to connect with my pussy and with Sierra’s unique work. I loved it and I highly recommend a reading to all awaken women on the path of evolution and self-discovery.” – Anick Patry transformational coach, voice healer, speaker

    “Wow, thank you!!  After my reading, I feel reactivated and in touch with my pussy!  I forgot how much she can light up with information. I’ve rediscovered that she has an intuitive knowing and important stuff to share when I create space to be in a relationship with her. Asking questions, she lights up (or not)… reading something that excites me shows up in energy moving around her too. I was looking for something twice, and my yoni pointed me to it. She is so powerful!

    Sierra, you are so tender and alive. Our time together was amazing and the information was powerful.  I’m fascinated, yet somehow not surprised, with your gifts and the information my pussy has. Thank you for embracing and nurturing your soul’s gift with the world and helping us honor ourselves and the wisdom of our pussies!” – Dr. Julie

    “I cannot sing your praises enough…. since my reading with you, my libido has skyrocketed, back to a healthy pulse! I’m celebrating that!” – Lori

    “As the synchronistic universe would have it, I’ve been invited to be the “model” for one of Sierra Sullivan’s paradigm-busting Pussy Oracle Readings. This means my private bits are going to be read like a Rorschach (or a palm) to discover the messages encoded within. With 30 sisters looking on. Gulp. 

    Why would I do this, you ask? Admittedly, not every woman feels called. But, I do invite every sister to ‘see’ herself – with a mirror. So, to be honest, I feel compelled to explore this work and take it to the next level.


    Is an Initiation.
    Is an Awakening.
    Is an Alchemy of Transformation.
    Is an Honoring of the Divine Feminine in the most primal of ways.

    Every person brought to earth is conceived and birthed through this sacred portal. Yet rather than honoring Her, society gives us messages of shame, revulsion or objectification. If we are courageous (and supported) we can discover more than we have ever realized before. Our unique hidden map, messages, symbols and codes depict our purpose and power.

    “Give Her time on your altar; Be altered by Her.” ~ Sierra Sullivan

    Sierra starts the reading by masterfully guiding us through her “Yoniverse,” with images of fruit, trees, and flowers that mirror our own beautiful blossom. As we watch in awe and wonder, we discover a new relationship with our sacred portal.

    Now it’s my turn. Photos of my most private and intimate self – visible, vulnerable, and evoking a myriad of responses from a circle of women who have joined Sierra for the reading.  

    Did I tell you my “Why”? To demystify our hidden sex, and unearth ancient truths about ourselves. A woman’s sex has been devalued, name-called, and degraded in ways that can’t help but be internalized. Our work is to shift that paradigm.

    As I am being witnessed by so many curious eyes, at first I feel shy and self conscious, then energized and expanded. Patterns, symbols, and archetypes are named … a chalice, a rose, birds, animals, and mystical creatures. All at once, the conversation changes – reverence and honor reverberate. We come to face the source of feminine power and, with that, a woman’s capacity for pleasure.

    This experience is raw and undeniable.

    I feel a solidarity with my sisters, a rediscovery of our commonality, and our uniqueness.

    I feel on fire to share as the truth of our sacred portal is a game changer. 

    For women who feel drawn to an accelerated path of transformation, I invite you to join this unique experience.

    In honor,

    Meet Your

    Portal Priestess Guides

    Founder • Lead Facilitator of the Portal Priestess Temple • Pussy Oracle

    Sierra J Sullivan

    Sierra J. Sullivan is an Empowerment Mentor, Ritualist, Pussy Oracle, Ceremony Officiant & Sacred Journey Guide for women & couples who seek more connection and alignment in life, love and relationship.

    Throughout her nearly 20 years in service to the re-emergence of the divine feminine, Sierra has successfully helped women all over the world to embrace more of who they are through the art of pleasure, play, fun and ritual as a powerful and effective way to create their dreams and desires. 

    Her mission is to eradicate pussy shame from the planet and support women in claiming the divinity of their sacred portals and awakening to the mystery and majesty that can be found in the divine design of a woman’s flower. She is also the co-founder of Eden World a private membership club for evolutionary couples that supports building more loving relationships and a world that works for everyone. 

    Partner • Co-Facilitator & Portal Priestess Lead Apprentice

    Julie Avena

    Julie Avena is a spiritually sexy writer, meditation teacher, and intimacy coach inspiring women to integrate pleasure into their daily self-care practices. With 35 years of experience in the metaphysical healing arts, she is a certified Tantra Yoga Educator, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist, Shamanic Healing Counselor, Theta Healing Practitioner, and Reiki Master who has been teaching and coaching since the late 1990s. She will be hosting the Portal Priestess Practices and is available for private mentoring for Priestesses who want to reclaim their sexual power and pussy potential as leaders, healers and lovers. Women’s Meditation & Intimacy Coach.  www.JulieAvena.com

    Partner • Co-Facilitator & Portal Priestess / Flame Keeper 

    Kimberly Laverdure

    Kimberly is a ritualist, circle facilitator, systems administrator and writer. She has had many years working side by side with Sierra in this pussy ministry and helped train our first group of Portal Priestess Initiates to become Apprentices. She also brings her systems expertise to the Temple as our mistress of tech, communications and customer support. Virtual Life Alchemist @ www.VirtualLifeAlchemist.com


    Want to understand more about what this Mystery School can provide for you? 

    Check out these interviews to learn direct from women who have taken this journey…