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Dear Sister-

We are so grateful that you are on the mission with us to reach, empower, awaken and invite 10,000 women to learn the Fun Fab Fem tool set, connect to a deeply supportive, highly empowering sisterhood and become more Fun, Fabulous & Feminine for LIFE!

What is a Fun, Fabulous & Feminine Woman?

A Fun, Fabulous & Feminine Woman is someone who lives life by her own design. She knows that what she desires is always within arms reach. She uses her sister tribe to lift her up and she focuses on what brings her the most pleasure and joy first because she understands that she can only give fully and authentically when her tanks are filled.

Becoming a Fun, Fabulous & Feminine Woman isn’t hard. In fact every woman already has what it takes to live this way. You just need to be reminded of how that looks for you on a day-to-day basis and have the right tools and tribe to support you in living that way, as often as possible.

Simply by joining us for the Playground challenge and course you will gain access to our brand new virtual course filled with our most effective set of tools and techniques to date. This training will align and awaken you to the truest version of yourself as a woman and help you get more out of life, with way less effort… I promise.

What is the Fun Fab Fem Virtual Playground and why do I want it?

The Fun Fab Fem Playground is a 6-week teleclass course from Rono & Sierra where you will be taught tools and techniques to help you find greater happiness and enjoyment in life, love & career. You will learn how to cultivate your feminine power to gain more confidence and clarity on what you most desire and discover how to get it without having to work harder or sacrifice the things you most enjoy in life. This program is for you if you are a woman who is seeking a new, more aligned approach to success (in all areas) and are interested in growing yourself in a community of sisterhood that supports you to live more fully expressed as the authentic you. Be immersed in a community of sisterhood, learn to awaken the most awesome and natural parts of your divine feminine power and experience life from an inspiring new paradigm by enrolling in Fun Fab Fem Virtual Playground Course… for FREE! All you have to do is SHARE YOUR VIDEO (details below) and you will be in on the party!

For more specifics on being a Fun Fab Fem woman and about the Playground course click on the pink links above OR just read below to get started on your video.

Excited to play with you,


Getting this course for FREE is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Shoot 1 Short Video
Specific details on how to shoot and what to say are below.
Post and Tag Your Video
Share video with women you care about in your life, tag them and Rono & Sierra.
Promote Your Video for 5 days
Share video with your community and friends.

Seriously… that’s it.

Our desire is to get this training to as many women as possible, the more you share the more all of us win because “when mama is happy, everyone is happy!”


Now, here is how to shoot your video.

What you need to do with your video.

By Being a star in your own life you become a star in another women’s life.

Shoot a creative video sharing how fabulous you are, using our suggest script, and upload it to your Facebook page.

Follow these steps to qualify:

Like our FB page >>
Using our suggested script below, shoot a fabulous 2-3 minute video sharing what makes you super fun & fabulous.
Post that video on FaceBook and be sure to tag our Rono&Sierra Facebook page and include a link to the Playground info page (FunFabPlayground).
Post whatever text you desire that inspires and encourages interaction with you post. Get creative, have fun, show some personality and be FABULOUS!
Get at least 10 comments AND 40 likes on your video by tagging friends and sharing your video on groups and pages.

How to shoot your video.

Hi my name is ______ and I am the founder of (Give yourself a plug if you’ve got a biz)

I’ve been following Rono & Sierra for while now and they have taught me the value of being more fun and fabulous in my life so that I can have more of what I desire with less effort.

Some of the ways this has helped me is (INSERT TESTIMONIAL / SUCCESS STORY HERE).

Today I want to show you (or share with you) one of my favorite ways to have fun and be fabulous and I challenge you to have more fun in your life. (Show your fun activity).

And… you’re looking for a way to have more fun and excitement in your life, then I invite you to join the Fun, Fabulous & Feminine Sisterhood by signing up for the 6-week Fun Fab Fem Virtual Playground launching on November 10th.

Learn more by visiting FunFabPlayground and please share one thing that makes YOU Fun, Fabulous or Feminine in the comments below.

Rono & Sierra Rono & Sierra "Playground" Video Script

Shoot my awesome video and change another women’s life.


In this PDF is the script and the way you need to tag us online so we know you are playing.

When you share your Fun Fab Awesome with your friends and connections you get the Fun Fab Fem Virtual Playground Course for FREE!

So that’s it. Download the above PDF so you have the script on hand.

Also, if you are wanting to up your game and win MORE, like an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles this March to attend Fun, Fabulous & Feminine LIVE EXPERIENCE.

Read below for those details.

“See” you online soon!

Want To Take Your Video Challenge To The Next Level and Win FUN Prizes?

If you desire to take your game to the next level and be a superstar then this is for you!

By playing the game to win you will be rewarded for your efforts. So here is how it works…

You have already shared (or will in a few moments) YOU being fabulous with your friends. In order to grab some of these prizes (even join us in LA for an all expenses paid trip) you just encourage your friends to sign up for the course.

The reason we are offering the course to you for FREE is because you have been in our tribe for a while now and we want to reward you for sticking with us, learning from us and supporting us. Once your peeps are invested like you have invested in yourself they will begin to receive all the benefits like you. Sound good? Read more about the prizes below. 🙂

When You Refer 2 Friends

In order for us to reach and empower 10,000 women it takes teamwork and a community of committed ladies to support this mission. You can make a huge difference in a woman’s life by inspiring them with your Fun Fab share.

When you spread your stories and encouragement for the women in your tribe you make a difference and get the t-shirt to prove it! Know that when you see another woman wearing this shirt you that you already have a sister in her.

When You Refer 5 Friends

You not only get your Fabuloust-shirt to showcase your commitment to supporting women but you also receive a private 90-minute group coaching call with Rono & Sierra valued at $600. We will limited this call to 6 people per group so you will get a ton of personalized attention from us on that call.

When You Refer 10 Friends

You’re really rocking this movement and making a HUGE impact in the world! To reward your awesome… not only will you get a Fabulous t-shirt and the 90-minute group coaching call with Rono & Sierra but you’ll also receive a ticket for you and a girlfriend to attend the Fun, Fabulous & Feminine Live Experience happening in Los Angeles March 11-13, 2016. PLUS you get a “FunFabFem Day” with Sierra and a few other fabulous ladies. This prize is valued over $5,000.

When You Refer 20 Friends

You are a shining star of awesome and will win everything above PLUS an all access VIP pass to attend the Fun, Fabulous & Feminine LIVE Experience in sunny LA this March 11th -13th.

This package includes:
1 complimentary ticket to attend, 4 star hotel accommodations for 3 nights, your flight to Los Angeles (up to $500), PLUS get stage time during the event to share how you build community and empower your sisters to greatness. This prize is valued over $7,500.

Thank you for playing with us.

With Love and Pleasure,


PS- Have questions? CLICK HERE to view our Frequently Asked Questions page.

PPS- we’ll be giving some email support and love throughout the challenge. Be sure to add us to your address book so you stay connected.