Creating your life so that it is filled with joyful experiences, while keeping the emotional roller-coasters to a minimum can be a challenge at times. There is a lot of information out there and sometimes you are just not sure who to trust as your guide. You’ve read the testimonials, dipped your toe in with a free teleseminar or webinar and you know you need the guidance, but something is getting in the way of you jumping in.

Maybe it’s because facing the music or creating change in your life can be a mix of exciting and terrifying, or maybe you’ve never invested in yourself at this level or you are hearing different advice from different people and you don’t know what to believe. We are most interested in working with people who are serious about living their life ALL IN.

Someone who is making a difference in their life and in others and is ready to make an impact in the world. Someone who is willing to do what it takes – emotionally, energetically and financially – to have their unique and fulfilling lifestyle even when it is scary. There cannot be reward without risk.

When you fully commit to having what you desire and create a life full of contentment, happiness and heart centered joy your commitment will show up in three places: your relationships, your career and your health. These principles of success apply to all people on the planet.

The Life Stylized Guarantee

Our programs are effective. Period. The strategies work for us and they work for our clients who commit to implementing the tools and strategies. We have hundreds of testimonials of clients achieving yummy results and experiencing huge breakthroughs. The difference between clients who get results and those who don’t lie completely in their commitment to the process and actually doing the work. No one gets around doing the work.

While there are no cancellations and no refunds once you enroll in one of our programs or buy one of our products, the moment you sign a contract with our company or enroll online into one of our programs or services, Rono & Sierra and our team commit 100% to you and your success. However, despite this here is what we are totally willing to do – in a way that will benefit you sooooo much more than returning your money. We stand behind our work and our programs 200% – We absolutely do not put junk out into the market to make a quick buck.

We also believe in it so much that when you buy one of our products or enroll in one of our programs and you take all the action steps presented over the course of the program and show up for all the calls and actually implement the strategies we teach – and for some bizarre reason it isn’t working for you (although frankly, we’ve never seen this happen) – just show my team your work and one of us (Rono or Sierra) will personally get on the phone with you and do an assessment and help you figure it out at no charge.

Additionally, if you and I (R or S) decide together that you need private consulting; we will credit 200% of the price you paid for the program to upgrade to a private level of support. (Less shipping & handling and applicable taxes within one (1) year of your original investment.)

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